Thank you for attending the 6IWRP in A Coruña! We appreciate the support of speakers, sponsors and committees. We hope you had a productive and enjoyable time at the workshop. We will see you in Pau (France) in 2024 for the 7IWRP!


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You can find the list of participants here, and download the book of abstracts through this link




Winner: Yury Alkhimenkov (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) for ‘The characteristic frequency of squirt flow in porous rocks’.

Honorable mention: Kim Sarah Mews (NTNU, Norway) for ‘Low-frequency measurements coupled with micro-CT; a new apparatus’.


Winner: Shahrbanou Sayadi (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran) for ‘Multiscale modeling of rock failure behavior around underground excavations’.



The 6th International Workshop on Rock Physics will take place in A Coruña, Spain, between the 13 and 17 of June, 2022. This meeting follows the track of the five previously successful encounters held in Golden (USA, 2011), Southampton (UK, 2013), Perth (Australia, 2015), Trondheim (Norway, 2017) and Hong Kong (China, 2019).

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experiences allowing to illustrate, discuss and exchange recent advances in the wide realm of rock physics, including theoretical developments, in situ and laboratory scale experiments as well as digital simulations. While rock physics is at the core of the oil & gas industry applications, it also plays a significant role in other fields, notably in all those related with the energy transition (e.g. CCS, geothermics), natural resources (e.g. mining) and management (e.g. radwaste).

While the context of the workshop is clear and proved by the previous experiences, that arising from COVID’s 19 outbreak has introduced uncertainties and challenges. At the time of writing these words, the worldwide situation has not yet stabilized and evolves on a daily basis. However, there are founded expectations on the imminent development of treatments and eventually a successful vaccine. We feel confident that, in the next months, the situation will settle and the nearly one-year ahead will make us able to make the right decisions.

The fine planning of the workshop is ongoing and a progressive number of news and announcements will proceed from this webpage: We kindly encourage you to stay tuned for the latest novelties!

Taking into account the previous considerations, we have considered that the advice of previous IWRP conveners is a valuable asset in this changing context. Thus, in addition to the Local and Scientific Committees, we have set up an Advisory Committee to assist us with their experience.

A Coruña is a small and pleasant city… an ideal place to exchange science where nobody is a foreigner. We hope to see you soon. In the meanwhile, take care and stay healthy!

With our Best Compliments,

The Organizing Committee